Small Replica Tolix Stool in Matte White

$ 25.00 +GST

If you look through any interior design magazine you’re likely to come across a Tolix bar stool in a wide variety of settings.


Once considered a staple in France, the original Tolix stool was used extensively in cafes and bars as well as hospitals and schools and was even given away by brewers in exchange for a bar stocking their beer. Today, this iconic stool is globally popular and is used to add a touch of French chic to cafes and bars as well as in the home. Our small replica Tolix stool, shown here in white, is copied from the original and gives you the opportunity of introducing a designer look at a price which won’t bust your budget.

Functional and versatile

Everything about the Tolix stool has been designed with one thought in mind and that’s functionality. Made from powder coated steel, it’s strong and yet light enough to be moved around effortlessly from one place to another. The compact shape and size is perfectly proportioned and is fitted with cross struts beneath the seat to add to its overall stability and strength. Stools may slip on a tiled or polished floor, but again, this has been taken care of with thick rubber stops on the feet, which also prevent your floor from getting marked or damaged. You may be wondering what the rectangular hole on top of the seat is for. Well, this is intended as a drainage hole so in the event that it rains and your stool is sat outside, water won’t form on the seat in a puddle. It also adds a sort of fun look to the design when used indoors. Finally, the stool is designed to stack up to 8 high, which makes it easier to bring them in from outside at the end of the day and offers a convenient method of storage. With a wipe-clean surface too, it’s little wonder that they’re snapped up by busy cafes and bars, as well as homeowners. Versatile in white and extremely practical, they make for a sound investment.

Powder coated steel
Indoor use only
Needs Assembly
D 440mm x H 460mm x W 440mm
Commercial grade
12 month
Other Features

Please ensure you have measured your bench or table before making your purchase. As a guide, anything between 90cm to 100cm would be most suited to a 66cm stool. Benches or tables that are above 100cm are better suited to a 76cm stool.

This stool has been tested at AS/NZS 4688:2000 at level four – general commercial. View the certificate here.

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Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.

Additional information

Dimensions 440 × 440 × 460 mm


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