700mm Square Isotop Plus Table in Shesman Timber Look

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It can be hard to find a café table that is strong and practical yet looks refined and expensive, but we’ve managed that with this Isotop table in Shesman timber look. Manufactured to a commercial standard and able to withstand just about anything that your customers or the weather can throw at it, this table won’t let you down. When it comes to café tables then Isotop is one of the leading brands and that’s because they offer good quality, hard wearing tables at very reasonable prices.

Isotop are manufactured by a Malaysian company who utilise a patented German technology in the design of their table tops. Just as you might expect from anything German made, these tables far exceed expectations. The resin used for the mahogany look timber contains a mixture of real woods, melamine, and synthetic agents which allow the beauty of the wood to shine through while making it as durable as a synthetic table. This means it can withstand piping hot dishes straight from the oven, can’t be scratched by metal cutlery, and is stain resistant to liquids such as red wine or greases. In addition, the resin is UV treated and weatherproof, so that the table can double up for indoor and outdoor use, adding to its overall versatility.

When it comes to styling, the Shesman timber look works really well with the black base to give an outdoor look which is rugged and rustic. Try pairing it with cast iron or wooden chairs to carry the look through. For an indoors look, then the silver base adds more of a contemporary aesthetic which works well with our aluminium café chairs as well as our powder coated steel chairs which come in a wide variety of metallics and vibrant colours.


Table Top: Plantation wood chip, resin and wax are formulated and precisely molded under high pressure and temperature, with a durable surface laminate to withstand the daily impact encountered.

Base: Aluminium


Table top: 700mm x 700mm square, 35mm thick

Base: 720mm tall, 670mm base span, 490mm base width

Needs assembly
Predrilled holes
Not included
Weather resistant
Heat resistant
Commercial grade
12 month
Other Features

How do I assemble my tables?

First, assemble your table base. We have embedded assembly videos for each table base on the relevant product page. Then, attach your table top to the table base. An instructional video on how to do this is available here.

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.

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