1200mm Round Isotop Table Top in White

$ 150.00 +GST


Sometimes too much choice is a bad thing and you can spend ages agonising over it, only to make the wrong decision. When it comes to our white Isotop table top, it’s pretty much cut and dried. A white table top such as this one from Isotop will look great whenever and wherever you use it. Designed to be compatible with most bases, you can custom this simple top to achieve just the sort of table that fits in with your particular style and décor. Being white, it’s never going to go out of fashion and it’s easy to change your look simply by swapping the colour of your accessories.

So now we’ve cleared that up what about the practicalities? You could argue that white is a hard colour to clean and that it shows up all the marks, but this table top has a surface which is impervious to liquid stains such a red wine or grease and all it takes to clean it is a wipe with a damp cloth. Simple really! In addition, this tough top is almost impossible to scratch, even with metal cutlery, and it can withstand hot plates direct from the oven, so you don’t need to cover it up with anything. As if that wasn’t enough, this table top is also weatherproof and UV treated so you can use it out of doors on your terrace or roof top balcony, and it won’t fade, split, or warp even in the harshest of conditions. The table top is also sealed to keep out moisture and nicely finished with smooth rounded edges that won’t scratch the skin or snag fabrics.

When it comes to choosing a table base and chairs the possibilities are endless. Try using silver coloured bar bases so your customers can sit up high on designer bar stools and survey their surroundings. Or go for a more classic look with a black base that you can sit black chairs around to give a look that is timeless. Or to add colour why not sit a variety of coloured chairs around your table for a look that young families will enjoy.


Plantation wood chip, resin and wax are formulated and precisely moulded under high pressure and temperature, with a durable surface laminate to withstand the daily impact encountered.

1200mm diameter

35mm thickness

Predrilled holes
Not included
Weather resistant
Heat resistant
Commercial grade
2 years
Other Features
UV treated

Table top only, see table bases category for table bases.

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.


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