800mm Square Isotop Sliq Compact Table Top in Shesman Timber Look

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Shown here in the 800mm square size, this compact table top can be matched with practically any table base to customise your table to match your particular décor or theme.

Cafe tables have to stand up to one heck of a beating what with the sun and the rain, customers knocking over drinks, as well as greases and acids. Fortunately Isotop tables are designed to withstand all of these elements and many more too. Manufactured from a unique compound which presses layers of real wood with synthetic agents, the end result is an ultra strong table top which is heat, scratch and stain resistant. What’s more, since the compound is UV stabilised and weatherproof, the table top can be used outdoors throughout the season without fear of the colour fading, or the top itself splitting or cracking. Since there are no seams and the table top can be easily wiped clean with nothing more than a damp cloth, this Isotop table top meets all the hygiene requirements of the hospitality industry.

We mentioned above that this table top will fit most table bases and, depending on the style and colour you choose, you can create a very individual looking table. Pair it with a shiny silver table base to create a modern contemporary bistro table around which you could place some trendy stools, or pair it with a black aluminium base to lend more of a traditional feel to your table which could be matched with old favourites such as the ladder-back or bentwood chairs. Thanks to our affordable prices you’re only limited by your imagination.


Plantation wood chip, resin and wax are formulated and precisely moulded under high pressure and temperature, with a durable surface laminate to withstand the daily impact encountered.

800mm x 800mm square

20mm thickness

12mm edge thickness

weight: 10kg

Predrilled holes
Not included
Weather resistant
Heat resistant
Commercial grade
2 years
Other Features
UV treated

Table top only, see table bases category for table bases.

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.


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