Medium Replica Tolix Stool in Matte Black

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The medium Tolix stool in matte black is about as simple a style as you’re likely to find; but hey, there’s nothing wrong with simple! In fact simple is often just what is called for especially if your décor is busy or your dining area is a little on the cluttered side. Boasting clean cut lines with a steel frame, this Tolix stool makes no apologies for its simplicity.

When it comes to a bar stool then it stands to reason that it needs to be strong and durable. After all, a bar stool probably gets used more frequently than a chair sat around a table in the corner. The Replica Tolix stool, shown here in matte black, is made from lightweight steel and finished with a powder coating in shade of black. This powder coating not only protects the steel from corrosion but means that it’s easy to keep clean simply by wiping away any spills or residues with a damp cloth. Although the stool is light to move around, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also very strong and is finished to a commercial grade which means it can withstand all the daily rigours of a busy café, bar or bistro. In addition, a built in foot rest ensures that the customer’s legs aren’t dangling, making for a more comfortable seating experience particularly over a prolonged period.

Steel furniture such as this is all the rage as café owners realise its potential and strength. Steel furniture such as this simple stool can take a bit of a battering and yet somehow, scratches and dents often add to its character. Ideal for an industrial theme these black Tolix stools would look great placed around jet black tables or lined up beneath a granite counter. For a more rustic look they could even be sat around old oak barrels on your pavement area or terrace.


Powder coated steel
Indoor use only
Needs Assembly
D 450mm x H 660mm x W 450mm
Commercial grade
12 month
Other Features

Please ensure you have measured your bench or table before making your purchase. As a guide, anything between 90cm to 100cm would be most suited to a 66cm stool. Benches or tables that are above 100cm are better suited to a 76cm stool.

This stool has been tested at AS/NZS 4688:2000 at level four – general commercial. View the certificate here.

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