Whether you’re looking for a cost effective way to up-grade your existing tables or looking to create your own custom look, then our range of table tops offers the perfect solution. Sold in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, there’s something for all tastes and requirements.
Our table tops are manufactured to a commercial standard from resin and designed to be used on a regular daily basis. Heat, stain and scratch resistant, they’re also weatherproof and stabilised so that they are suitable for indoor/outdoor use, adding to their versatility. Low in maintenance, all it takes to remove food debris and sticky ginger marks, is a wipe with a dampened cloth and mild cleaning agent.
With a range of classic finishes such as mahogany and oak timber, modern styles such as Shesman timber and Jupiter duet, and plain colours such as white, red, and black, our tables fit effortlessly into most traditional and contemporary environments.

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