Designed by Xavier Pauchard back in 1934 when they quickly became a staple item of furniture in schools and hospitals, Tolix chairs continue to have a huge following today. Flick through any interior design magazine and you’ll find Tolix chairs in country kitchens, trendy bars and bistros, and back-street cafes, the world over. Now you too can embrace a touch of European design and add that certain “Je ne sais quoi” to your establishment with our range of replica Tolix chairs.
Looking just like the real thing, only costing a fraction of the price, our replica Tolix chairs are manufactured in the same way from powder coated steel which is lightweight and extremely durable. With a high back and generous seat, they offer good support to the user and can be made even more comfortable with the addition of our replica Tolix cushions (sold separately). Offered in a choice of funky fun colours or with a galvanised finish, there’s sure to be a colour to complement your décor.
Try seating a variety of colour Tolix chairs around a rustic wood bench table for a look that is warm and inviting. Or use a mix of black and white chairs with grey tables for that monochrome look. Finally, how about using galvanised Tolix chairs sat beneath a gleaming black counter, to complete your edgy industrial theme? Easy to move around and stackable too, our replica Tolix chairs are a fun way to add personality to your establishment.