Why Is Communal Seating Still So Popular?

Communal dining isn’t exactly new. It’s long been a feature of fast food restaurants simply because it’s an easy way to maximise floor space. But in recent years, the trend has moved to wider meal experiences. Non-traditional seating arrangements are far more common nowadays in those eateries and restaurants which attract a young clientele. And […]

Comfortable Bar Stools For Your Customers

Seating options, including cafe bar stools, can play an important role in determining how your business thrives and grows to be successful. How does cafe seating contribute to your cafe’s success? Quite simply, if your customers are sitting comfortably they’re more likely to stay for longer and order another coffee or some food. Naturally, you […]

A Quick Guide To Outdoor Commercial Furniture

With the official arrival of Summer, you may be considering revamping your outdoor dining area so with this in mind we’ve put together a quick guide to buying outdoor furniture for your cafe. Outdoor commercial furniture refers to furniture that has been specially designed and tested for use in businesses such as cafes, bars, and […]